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About IDEA Care

Defined by you

IDEA Care was born out of our leadership team’s personal experiences in the health and social care spheres and the ever-growing need to offer a holistic and comprehensive community-based service.

We put together our professional knowledge and expertise to define, design and build a service that truly puts the client at the centre of every decision made and every service delivered.

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Our guiding principles

In determining what we wanted IDEA Care to signify, we selected 6 guiding principles that we see standing out from what our clients have experienced and accessed to date. Put into practice, these base principles target the exact needs of our customers, professionally and in a way which is conducive for overall health and wellbeing.

— Our Guiding Principles


Every service we give is grounded in science and has been proven by research to be the approach of choice.

We aim to take our clients on a journey that educates and enables them to consistently make the right choices for themselves and their health – opening up possibilities that may have been obscure or unclear.

— Our Guiding Principles


We believe in proven methods of success. Our services are designed around specific health-goals that the client may wish to reach.

These goals may range from physical health goals to cognitive ones and social goals. We will continue to re-assess the situation in full until goals are reached and new ones set together – that way, all our interventions will be purposeful and specifically directed at reaching the goals selected by the client.

— Our Guiding Principles


While our professionals have years of technical experience and clinical expertise, we firmly believe that the final determination of how personalised healthcare services can apply to each individual lies solely with our end clients.

We therefore work through discussion – presenting options and analysing opportunities. Ultimately, we will be led by the needs, wishes and priorities set by you, our customer.

— Our Guiding Principles


IDEA Care offers a number of packages that address the most common needs and wishes of our four main client-groups, however, our service is flexible and can be designed exactly according to the client’s needs.

We will never impose a service which you don’t need or don’t believe will give you a better quality of life, and there are very few things we will exclude from our service.

Whether it is organising a tombola party for our clients and their friends, helping to cook a surprise birthday meal for a relative, or accompanying you to the gym and assisting you to get around, we love to say yes! Bungee jumping together is probably where we draw the line – but then again… who knows?

— Our Guiding Principles


To us, good health is not about the absence of illness. We look at your life and wellness holistically – and aim to help you adapt to your circumstances and make the most of the here and now.

It doesn’t matter if it takes you longer to chop the vegetables, or if you need to perch on a stool while doing so. If cooking is your passion, we will find a way to help you do it.

We have professionals who can assist your process, and others who can recommend adaptations and equipment to make your life easier. We also use little secrets like aromatherapy and massage techniques to compliment the services we offer and help you keep that smile on your face!

— Our Guiding Principles


Because it’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it that makes us stand out. Nothing is too much trouble.

We give your our full and undivided attention – because your journey is as important to us as it is to you.

We renew our commitment daily to not only offer competence and professionalism, but to bring a song and a smile to your home every time we meet.

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